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Easy & Unconventional Ways to Secure Your Home

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Security systems have proven themselves to be invaluable. They protect your home with the threat of capture by merely having obvious signs of security. Should someone be brazen enough to break into your home, you have video evidence that can be used to secure their capture. If you are looking for a few unconventional ways to further secure your home, use the tips and tricks listed below.

Secure Your Garage

If you are like most, you probably park your car in a secure garage. You may think this is all the security you need. Unfortunately, thieves have fine-tuned their methods and have turned garages into a weak spot in your security.

Electronic garage doors can be opened with a programmed remote. Thieves have found ways to find the frequency of your electronic opener. Once they have found the right frequency, they can use their own opener to gain access to your home.

To avoid this, use your wall mounted opener to lock the opening and closing function when you are home.

For both manual and electronic garage doors, you can secure your door with a padlock. Simply drill a hole in the track right above a roller wheel, insert the padlock and lock it. This will prevent the door from moving at all.

Additional ways to secure your garage would be to:

  • Put window coverings on all garage windows
  • Keep the interior garage door locked at all times
  • Secure doors that lead to the exterior of the house through the garage with a padlock or deadbolt.

Be Uninviting

Nothing is more inviting to a burglar than a house that screams opportunity. Opportunity can advertise itself in several different ways.

  • Lots of overgrown landscaping that can be used to disguise a burglar trying to gain entry. Keep your landscaping manicured.
  • Expensive items left in the yard like bikes, lawn equipment or children's toys can give a thief the impression that there is more inside.
  • Boxes left over from large purchases like televisions or new appliances. Don't put these out by the curb until trash day.

There are other ways you can make your home less appealing.

  • Keep lights on a timer; this will give the burglar the impression that there are people home at all times.
  • You can also get a dog; loud barking has been known to be a great deterrent.
  • If you aren't interested in becoming a pet owner, you can buy a sensor that will trigger a recorded dog bark when someone is near your door.

Use Lighted Motion Detectors

Thieves like to use the cover of night as a great time to break into a home. Motion detecting lights are extremely affordable and can usually be installed as a DIY project. Install enough lights so that your home is always lighted when someone is near.

When it comes to lighting, it is also a good idea to keep your blinds closed in the evening hours. When it gets dark outside it is much easier to see what is inside a home through the lighted windows. Invest in window coverings that protect your valuables and use them regularly.

Take your home security system a step further with these easy and unconventional ways to secure your home. You can protect your home by reinforcing the weak spots and making your home appear as uninviting as possible. Talk to resources such as Guardian Security Solutions surveillance systems for more information, tips, and assistance.